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  • December 19, 2023

Commercial Glass Scratches: Can Glass Restoration Polish Fix It?

Glass Restoration Polish can fix it

Commercial Glass Scratches: Can Glass Restoration Polish Fix It?

Every building owner and manager tries their best to make a commercial premise look stunning. However, no matter how well you maintain a property, glasses are prone to scratches. Not fixing them on time can impact your premises’ beauty. You need to choose the right company like Glass Polish Service for glass restoration polish


In this blog, we will take a dig into how glass restoration polish can help fix commercial glass scratches. 


How Glass Restoration Polish Can Help Fix Glass Scratches?


There are two most common methods for fixing commercial glass scratches. Experts will first examine the severity of glass scratches and then make a decision with respect to methods. The two most common methods are:


  • Dry-grinding method
  • Wet-closed loop


You must consider three things before choosing the method of glass scratch repair.


  • Experience with the glass restoration company you’re choosing
  • Glass damage type and severity
  • Glass window finishing


Let’s now move forward with exploring the two common methods.


Dry Grinding: This method is mainly useful when you need to repair exterior window scratches. Dry grinding will give you faster results as it can cover large glass areas if done in the right manner. This method is known to fix the damaged glass, that too with the minimum distortion. 


Wet Closed Loop System: This is another popular method and it’s mainly favorable because it’s a one-step process. This method can fix the interior glass scratches of a building quickly.


Main Causes For Commercial Glass Scratches


Using scrapers to clean windows: Commercial window cleaning requires you to hire the right technicians who can perform cleaning without damaging the beauty of glass. Cleaning glass using metal scrapers can damage its aesthetics. It eventually leaves your glass full of scratches.


Repair work being carried out in the vicinity: If there is any work being carried out in close proximity to windows like different foreign objects coming into contact with windows, sparks coming as a result of equipment cutting, etc.


Please note that minor scratches on the glass can occur after a certain period of time and you may not be able to identify them. We suggest hiring a professional for glass restoration polish in such a situation who can inspect the glass damage and fix the issue using appropriate methods. 


Hire Glass Polish Service Experts


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