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Steps to Get Pet Scratches Out of a Glass Door

Your dog or cat doesn’t know that playing with them can cause a glass door to get scratched. Pet scratches on glass doors are really unpleasant. If your glass door is scratched, you have two options: you may repair it or replace it. In circumstances when the scratches are severe, replacement is preferred over repair. In the case of minor scratches, repair works nicely. A glass door with pet scratches on it looks horrible. Many people choose to utilize professional glass services when they need to repair glass doors. It is the best option if the scratches are significant. You are not as qualified as a professional glass repairer.

Let’s discuss the many techniques for removing pet scratches from glass doors:

Apply a drop of polishing compound

It is the first step in removing scratches from glass doors. It is necessary to apply a drop of polishing compound to the scratched area. Polishing chemicals are used by jewelers and glass artisans to repair broken glass. It functions essentially as a little powder to help conceal small scratches.

Buff the polishing compound into scratched area

Now you must gently and circularly buff the polishing compound into the scratched area. You must use a clean piece of cloth to check the progress of the scratch. The scrape must be removed by continuing to polish and wipe the area with a clean cloth.

Wipe the surface

After the scratched area has been improved, the sponge must be submerged in rubbing alcohol. The glass surface should now be washed with a cloth to remove any polishing agents that may have gotten on it. It’s essential for a higher-quality repair of the glass door.

Dry the glass

The next step is to dry the glass door with a lint-free towel. The scratch would now become less noticeable and fainter. Get in touch with a glass professional who can provide a better alternative for repair or replacement if you do not notice any change. Because he is considerably more experienced and informed about glass, a professional repairer can handle your glass issues in the best and most professional way.

We always mention that it is always better to repair than to replace. You may be able to save a lot of money by having your glass repaired rather than replaced. Glass is one of the material types that can be harmed by a pet. You need to focus on whether it’s possible to fix the glass door rather than replace it because you can’t do that every week or every month.

How To Remove Scratches From Tempered Glass?

How to Remove Graffiti Scratches from Glass

Any glass surface can suffer serious damage from graffiti scratches. Any type of hard paint graffiti will leave a lasting impression on it if not carefully and promptly cleaned, whether it is on a glass wall or a tabletop.

If you’re seeking an acid graffiti cleaning specialist, they are undoubtedly available everywhere in the world. However, there are a few do-it-yourself techniques you can try if the graffiti is still recent on the glass surface to totally erase it.

This blog will teach you some easy, DIY techniques for eradicating graffiti made with both soft and hard paints as well as when to hire a glass restoration specialist.

Soft paint graffiti removal

A vigorous soap wash will effectively remove graffiti if the graffiti was created with thin paint that can be smeared off. The glass will suffer some degree of damage as a result, though. Use as little corrosive soap as you can, then. In these situations, dishwasher soap is a fantastic option. However, if this is a significant glass surface in your area, you might want to employ a glass restoration specialist to thoroughly clean it.

Hard paint graffiti removal

Graffiti cleanup can be quite difficult when it involves hard paint. The majority of the time, professionals that use techniques like acid graffiti removal will be needed for this. Of course, removing this kind of graffiti will necessitate major glass restoration, which could add to the expense.

You can attempt scraping off the graffiti with a razor if it was only applied a few minutes ago or so, but this will again cause some harm and you will need the help of local experts.

There’s a risk you’ll spill paint on a glass surface if you do graffiti at home, or perhaps a teenager did it on purpose. Whatever the reason, you can get even the toughest scratches off glass by contacting us if you need glass graffiti removal services. We can work with both graffiti created with hard and soft paint, and we offer comprehensive glass restoration services.

Graffiti removal

We advise that you find the graffiti as soon as possible to increase your chances of being able to erase it yourself. If you are successful in completing the task, you will only need assistance with the scratch-removal portion. If not, you can consider acid graffiti removal services.

Although you still have the option of replacing the glass fully, most people choose restoration services because we have budget-friendly offers.

Do Not Replace, Repair! A Glass Scratch Remover is the Best Solution

Let’s face the truth, glass commonly gets scratched in our commercial and residential properties, which is necessary to restore with a glass scratch remover. Earlier it was just a choice to visit a nearby shop to purchase an entire new pristine piece to get it repaired. It’s an expensive, extremely impractical, and uncomfortable option to replace an entire window just to remove a glass scratch. Precisely, there’s an affordable solution to solve such unwanted problems related to glass scratch removals. 

So, let’s take a glimpse into this important matter and continue reading to explore more about glass scratch remover.

Recycle For A Better World

The first benefit of this latest technology to be highlighted is that it’s environmentally friendly. The habit of discarding serviceable products pollutes the environment and increases uncertainty about the future. You might have likely heard this several times before and are probably doing something about it in other areas. For example, several companies are spending enough money to sort their trash. However, whenever a window or piece of glass is scratched at any of these businesses, they immediately replace it without any hassle. 

Furthermore, it’s simply against the recycling policy to discard a functional glass in favor of installing a new one when it may be restored. In these situations, recycling a window involves acting smart, extending its life, and working toward a more sustainable future. Remember that small decisions can lead to great changes, so feel free to recycle instead of buying!

Basic Function of Glass Scratch Remover

The method of restoring each glass is revolutionary and works amazingly well. Any type of glass surface is easy to manage with glass scratch remover and successful results are always anticipated. It further applies to automobiles, which you can simply use in marine as well as automotive industries. Also, this latest technology is a perfect solution even if your building has a glass façade or glass parts in a stair.

The process of glass scratch remover can work perfectly on the followings –

  • Accidental Scratches: Your glasses can likely get unwanted scratches in various situations. While moving a piece of furniture or having young children in the house, your glass may get dented or scratched. You no more need to replace the entire glass as glass scratch remover is the right solution to all your problems. 
  • Graffiti: Although it may seem impossible, yet glass scratch remover can perfectly remove such ink. It’s easy to remove wall stains as you’ve only to repaint them to give them a makeover. The scenario with glass is completely unique. Don’t get stressed with your glass windows, you can simply pick a glass scratch remover to save your replacement cost. 
  • Spatter: Regardless of the source (welding or angle grinding), spatter isn’t acceptable in your glass windows. Its failure to be removed without crushing the glass is a big problem. Although with the cutting-edge technology of glass scratch remover it’s possible to eliminate spatter.

To be specific, with the use of glass scratch remover, you may save money and contribute to the best future.  

Now, looking for the right glass polish services at affordable rates? Then, Glass Polish Service is your ideal match to offer a wide range of glass repair solutions throughout California. In most scenarios, we will visit on-site to examine glass scratches or cracks and offer your affordable glass restoration same-day. To discuss your glass repairing needs with our experts, simply give us a call at 949023207533 for booking an appointment. Call today!

Can Scratched Glass Be Repaired?

Unattractive scratches on your windows might be caused by trees rubbing against the home or sharp claws from a hyperactive pet. You don’t always need a glass expert to fix the damage, but you should take care of scratches fairly promptly before they turn into cracks.

Any kind of wear and tear on your property might result in window scratches. Over time, scratches frequently become noticeable and their origin is unknown. Light scratches may, however, be easily repaired regardless of where they came from.

You might want to seek the advice of a professional glass repair business if the damage is severe—for instance, if you can feel a groove in the glass with your fingernail. Glass replacement may be necessary if window panes have significant scratches or breaks.

Simple techniques to remove scratches from glass windows

Scratches on glass may be easily removed with materials that are typically found at home.

Technique 1: The Toothpaste or Pumice Soap Fix

Glass may be polished to remove minor scratches using regular white toothpaste or moderately abrasive liquid soap.


  • Toothpaste that is plain white (baking soda- and/or whitening-formulated versions perform better than gel formulations); or
  • Liquid pumice or a somewhat abrasive soap for thorough hand washing
  • An old washcloth or soft rag


  • Let the area dry after cleaning it.
  • Using a lightly dampened cloth and a tiny quantity of toothpaste, gently rub the scrape in small, circular circles while applying a little pressure.
  • Rub for approximately 30 seconds.
  • Check to see if the scratch has been polished away after wiping away the excess toothpaste with a clean cloth.
  • Repeat as necessary.

Technique 2: The Nail Polish Fix

A glass scratch may be concealed with clear nail polish.


  • Clear nail polish
  • Nail polish remover
  • Paper towel or clean rag


  • Let dry after applying a light coat of nail paint over the whole scratch area (about 1 hour).
  • When the polish has dried, wipe the area with a towel that has been lightly dampened with nail polish remover to wipe away any excess polish that has built up outside of the scratch.

Technique 3: The Serious Glass Buffing Fix

Try a metal or glass polishing product that comes in a paste if your glass requires a little more care and you still prefer a do-it-yourself fix. These goods are available for purchase online or at your neighborhood hardware shop.


  • Product for cleaning glass or metal (look for one containing cerium oxide)
  • Clean, soft rag or sponge


  • Apply the polish as directed on the label, being careful not to apply too much as doing so might lead to the development of new scratches.
  • When done, remove any extra material with a fresh, moist towel.

If none of the DIY scratch removal techniques listed above work for you, you can get help from a professional glass repair service. For all your glass polishing needs, you can get in touch with Glass Polish Service.

How To Remove Scratches From Tempered Glass?

How To Remove Scratches From Your Glass Windows?

If you are worried about scratches on your glass window, you no need to stress anyone. As here we’ve explained simple methods to quickly remove glass scratches with affordable tricks. Keep on reading with us to get complete ideas of glass scratches removal. 

From branches rubbing against your windows to a naughty pet’s sharp claws, unappealing scratches can anytime appear on your glass windows. Repairing the damages doesn’t always include expensive service, only you need to quickly address scratches before they have transformed into cracks. Ahead of learning the basic techniques to remove glass scratches, let’s look for –

Where Do Scratches Come From In Glass Windows?

Any kind of damage to your property can result in glass window scratches. Sometimes, these glass scratches are outwardly noticeable, although the origin is unknown most of the time. Regardless of their origin, you can easily repair glass scratches if its minor.  

For deep damages to your glass, you need to consult a professional glass repair service to get your job done at the earliest. If there are major scratches or cracks in your glass windows, you immediately need to get a glass replacement. 

Basic Steps To Get Scratches Removed From Your Glass Windows: 

If you want to quickly remove glass window scratches, make sure to arrange vinegar, water, microfiber cloths, and non-get toothpaste to perform easy removal steps. Here are simple ways to remove scratches from glass windows –

Step 1:

To begin with, you need to clean scratched areas with a microfiber cloth to apply a coat of non-gel toothpaste. The best toothpaste brands with maximum abrasive content are perfect to conduct your steps. A toothpaste with mild abrasive is even safe to smooth out the surface without the risk of causing more cracks in your glass.  

Step 2:

In the next step, you also need to use a microfiber cloth to apply non-gel toothpaste to the scratches in a circular motion. After the scratched area is smoothened, you need to rinse the excess with water and use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe it off. Repeat this act, until the scratches are entirely removed.

Step 3:

In the final step, you need to prepare a mixture of purified white vinegar and water equally in a container. To get a crystal-clear appeal, you need to apply the mixture and wipe it off with a clean microfiber cloth. For keeping a surface free of lint, make sure to avoid paper or plush cloth towels for the task. 

In case your glass window scratches aren’t minor to get a non-professional removal, make an appointment with a specialist to get professional glass removal or restoration work at the earliest. For a complete glass restoration, professionals are experienced to glue or re-cut your glass window as per requirements. 

Now that you are in search of budget-friendly glass repair solutions to get a quick repair, Glass Polish Service has highly-trained technicians to repair your glass and are committed to saving the cost of replacement. In most circumstances, we will visit on-site to estimate your scratches or cracks and complete your glass restoration as quickly as possible within your affordable budget. From scratch removal to graffiti repair and remodeling, we’ve got you covered with everything as per your requirements to have the best help. 

To learn more about our glass scratches repairing services, you can simply give us a call at 949-232-7533 today!

How To Remove Etched Graffiti or Scratches From Glass?

If you can minutely check, you can notice scratched glasses almost everywhere you’ve examined. From deep damages (like graffiti etching) or minor scratches on your glass, most scratches appear out of improper cleaning of the surface. These kinds of damages on your glass are quite simple to get easy removal and sometimes it might need a complete restoration. To fix etched graffiti or other scratches on your glass, it’s wise to immediately consult an expert at the earliest to get affordable repairs. 

Obviously, that etched graffiti or scratches on glass windows are unappealing to reflect poorly on your residential or commercial properties. To fix deep glass scratches, make sure to contact an expert who can easily remove scratches with a special polishing technique. And also, etched graffiti on your glass windows can sometimes invite upcoming vandalism. So, here we’ve outlined some easy steps to remove graffiti glass etching or other unwanted scratches –

Step 1:

Take a small portion of the jeweler’s rouge into your microfiber cloth to gently apply it to your scratched glass. The jeweler’s rouge is a polishing compound used to make your jewelry shiny without scratching or cutting it. And also, it’s an excellent polishing compound to remove etched graffiti on your glass windows. 

Step 2:

In the next step, you need to use a clean cloth to gently rub in a circular motion the etched glass graffiti. After unwanted scratches on your glass are almost removed, you need to rinse the surface and often recheck your progress.  

Step 3:

In the third glass scratches removal step, you need to rinse the surface with a soft sponge soaked in a mixture of 2 oz. of water and 2 oz. of ammonia. It’s important to stay very careful while performing such a complex step. 

Step 4:

In case you just can’t remove the graffiti using the above-mentioned steps, you are recommended to consult a professional glass polish company to get exact solutions at affordable charges. Hang a poster on the etched graffiti to get it concealed while you are waiting to get a professional fixing.   

Meanwhile, if you’ve made a small mistake in removing a glass etching graffiti, you can simply use a small mark of clear nail polish to cover it up. Because it is a useful solution to cover unwanted graffiti, which will still be an etching graffiti, although won’t obstruct your vision. It’s a smart idea to consult a professional immediately to get glass scratches removal steps without further hassle. 

So, looking for the top-rated glass polish services in California? Then, Glass Polish Service is a recommended name to estimate your scratches within 48 hours and has the best team to complete your glass restoration the same day. Our highly-trained technicians have years of expertise to repair your glass windows with a guarantee to save your money and unwanted cost of replacements. They’re certified to remove minor and major scratches, acid etching, polish your glass, graffiti, and other quick solutions as per the individual need of customers. 

If you want to quickly get rid of unwanted etched graffiti, we’ve got you covered with everything involved in a glass polish solution. Dial Glass Polish Service at 949-232-7533 today for the best help!

How to Clean Hazy Glass

How can hazy glass be cleaned? We’re sure you’ve contemplated this previously if your home is older. It’s surprising how beautiful sparkling, spotless glass seems. When that ancient wavy glass is restored to its natural luster after years of peering through grubby windows, it completely changes the look of your window and the atmosphere of the space.

While simple glass cleaners might be helpful, there are other methods to create a more attractive sheen using inexpensive solutions, as we’ll explain below.

Clean hazy glass in place

The technique is the same, with the exception of the fact that it is a little more difficult to reach, and most people must clean their glass while it is in situ rather than out on a table like you would when restoring windows or doors. If you can safely access the window outside, you can complete the entire “de-hazing” procedure. If you don’t have easy access to the window, all you can truly hope for is a basic washing unless you want to remove the sash to repair your windows.

Step 1: Rinse with soap and water

Clean the glass first with some plain dish soap and water. You may thoroughly soak it as opposed to simply lightly spraying it. The accumulated filth and grime will start to soften as a result.

Step 2: Razor blade the glass

Take a flat razor blade, or even better, a glass razor scraper, and scrape the glass’s surface. This will get rid of much of the nasty buildup, as well as dirt, grime, and paint overspray. Be cautious not to dig into the putty or the wood’s surface.

Step 3: Wipe Clean

Clean the glass with some clean water, wipe it off, and then dry it with a clean towel to catch any leftovers. You can stop here if the glass appears to be in good condition, but if it still has a hazy appearance, continue to step 4 below.

Step 4: Polish glass

A glass polishing chemical is required to remove mineral deposits and obstinate haziness. All of our glass is polished since it truly makes it shine. Imagine it being similar to having your car’s headlights cleaned. It polishes out haze and surface flaws while softly abrading the surface.

Apply the polish with a clean towel using a circular motion similar to how you would wax an automobile. To get rid of the buildup, massage the area vigorously while working it in thoroughly. Allow it to air dry until it turns hazy and white, and then buff it off with a fresh, clean towel. When you’ve removed all the dirt and grime, the glass should be brand-new and shining!

Clean hazy glass in the shop

It really makes the work so much easier if you happen to have the glass out of your sash while doing the restoration. Use any available tub to place the glass in the water and dish soap combination and let it sit there for as long as you can. The residual glazing putty or paint is greatly softened by doing this, which makes cleaning up much simpler.

The next step is precisely the same as the one described earlier. When you go to glaze and paint your window, be careful not to use some of the chemical glass cleaners since they might interfere with the paint’s ability to adhere. Avoid using ammonia, instead, use plain soap and water to clean freshly painted surfaces.

All of Southern California is served by the Orange County, California-based, owner-operated company Glass Polish Service. Most of the time, we can assess your damage on-site within 48 hours and do your glass restoration that same day. Get in touch with us today.

How to Remove Scratches from Glass

Many of you want to know how to remove scratches from glass and gemstones, and we frequently get requests for a glass scratch remover. Continue reading to learn about a few methods for removing scratches from glass.

Please be aware that the methods and tools suggested in this article do not work for windshield or tempered glass scratch repair. These must be replaced or given professional guidance since the glass may break or obstruct the vision (as in the case of a windshield)

Option 1: Diamond Polishing Paste

Our favorite technique for eliminating scratches is diamond paste, which is a great abrasive. If properly applied, diamond polishing paste will restore your material’s surface to its initial condition.

Microns () are used to measure diamond paste.

What grade of paste to use will depend on how deep the scratch is. For example, a particularly deep scratch requires a coarser paste to start, followed by finer pastes, until the appropriate surface smoothness is reached.

A few different grades should ideally be available in your workshop so you may start by removing the mark with the coarser one, such as a 6 micron grade, and then fine polish the scratch back to its previous state with a 3 micron or 1 micron grade.

It will take a lot longer to perform its magic if you only use one grade of paste, let’s say a 1 micron, but if your scratch is particularly deep it will ultimately be eliminated if you have patience.

Option 2: Cerium oxide

Cerium oxide glass polish is a powder that must be made into a paste by combining it with warm water.

Diamond paste must be used in place of mineral powder if your scratch or mark can be felt with your fingernail since the mineral powder is meant for markings, imperfections, and brilliant cleaning of glass surfaces.

Option 3: EVE Diapol Diamond Polishers

These durable, mess-free diamond polishers may be used in three steps to quickly produce a high-quality surface.

There are 3 colors/grades available:

  • Green: Medium-sized shaping, reducing, and eliminating (about 35 microns).
  • Gray: Pre-polish and smoothing (Fine), about 4 to 8 microns
  • Pink: High Lustre polishing (Extra Fine), 1-2 microns, approximately.

Use the 3mm Pin Mandrel with the Pointed Pin form and the required screw mandrel with your wheel and knife edge polishers. They are intended to be used with these precisely. The polisher might fracture or fly off when using different mandrels. Use at the suggested 7,000–10,000 RPM speed range.

Option 4: Mini Rubber Silicone Polishers

Use a rubber silicone polisher mounted on a mandrel attached to your Dremel or other rotary hand drill as a second option. You should only use these polishers on extremely light markings since they will remove material. As we previously stated, diamond paste must be used in its place if the scratch or mark can be felt with the fingernail.


So these were some of the options to remove scratches from glass. You may have heard that another solution for removing scratches in glass is toothpaste. However, toothpaste is a remarkably mild abrasive that is better reserved for teeth as it will only cover the scratch mark. You can get in touch with Glass Polish Service for all your glass polishing needs.

How To Remove Scratches From Tempered Glass?

How To Remove Scratches From Tempered Glass?

Every parent might want to stay quiet and peaceful, although some children are extremely naughty to perform unwanted acts such as making scratches in Tempered Glass. Mostly, kids tend to break things that are important to get immediate repair or replacement, and sometimes you can easily replace the damage. In case any unwanted scratches on your shower door or glass table-top are your current problem, we are experts to remove scratches from tempered glass. 

So, let’s check out our affordable scratch removal tricks –

  • Examine The Damage

Moderate tempered glass scratches are easy to restore in most cases, without replacing them entirely. To begin with, you need to wipe the glass using a glass cleaner and a soft cloth so you can clearly inspect the damage. If that’s too deep to remove with simple remedies, you are suggested to look for Glass Polish Service to have the best help of experts.  

  • Attempt To Remove Unwanted Scratches

A few compounds are easily available to use as a scratch removal of tempered glass. So, follow the direction of experts to immediately restore the glass without much effort.  

  • Use Toothpaste And A Soft Cloth

Apply a small amount of whitening toothpaste to a soft and clean cloth to start the scratch removal process. In gentle circular strokes, you need to buff the scratched glass. The toothpaste’s grit is plenty to remove minor scratches from the glass. To see what you’ve skilled, you should rinse the glass with water after rubbing it for a while. Repeat twice to get a perfect removal result, and proceed with the next step if the scratch is still visible. 

  • Opt for Steel Wool/ Liquid Pumice Soap Procedure

The best alternative to toothpaste is a liquid pumice soap, which contains more abrasive elements to successfully remove major scratches from tempered glass. You can also use steel wool to remove unwanted tempered glass scratches. Irrespective of what you are using to remove the scratches, you need to buff the scratched glass by rotating your hand in small circular motions for several minutes. Thereafter, thoroughly rinse the glass to check the result. 

  • Buffers

On the last try, you can purchase a commercial buffing compound made with polishing metals to remove scratches on tempered glass. Other popular choice includes jeweler’s rouge or cerium oxide, which need to be applied with a soft cloth to remove unwanted scratches. And now, you should examine the glass scratches after drying and repeat these steps until you are content with the outcome. 

Book A Professional Tempered Glass Scratch Removable Session from Glass Polish Service 

If you aren’t an expert to remove tempered glass scratches alone, a qualified professional at Glass Polish Service can offer the best help for the same. In most situations, we will visit on-site to inspect the damage within 48hours and complete your glass restoration process the same day. Our factory-trained technicians will repair or replace the glass, often saving your money with professional service guaranteed. 

To know more about our glass restoration and scratch removal services, please give us a call at 949-232-7533 today!