Hard water stains are those ugly mineral deposits embedded in the glass, usually caused by sprinkler systems continually spraying the glass. Water stains can be removed in two ways.

Type 1. Chemical Process

Certain water stains are considered stage 1 corrosion. These can be removed much easier and require no polishing. The price for this service is significantly less expensive.

Type 2. Polishing Process

Embedded water stains, where the water spots can be felt, i.e. “fish scales” are considered stage 2 corrosion. These can be removed bychemicals and adding a polishing process, which will restore the glass back to it’s optical clarity.


Glass Polish Service can apply a polymer sealant, which seals the pores of the glass at a molecular level. This insures the water spots never stick to the glass again. Cost is $2.00 a sq ft.